Delivery Note doesn't link with Sales Order

In Delivery Note, when I add an item in the item table against the sales order. The Sales Order doesn’t get updated i.e it still doesn’t update the delivered qty.

First create Sales Order, from the sales order create delivery note.

This scenario works when there is only one batch.In case of multiple batch no for same item we have to add that item in delivery note. How does multiple batch no for same item is manage?

Greetings from Frappe!
You have to select the batch nos of the Item in the note.

When I do so it doesn’t get link with Sale Order.
Try this scenario ,
In Sales Order “A” add item “test” with 100 qty. Now make delivery note.
Item test has two batches, batch 1 = 50 and batch 2 = 50.
Allocate batch 1 to test item and then add test item again in delivery note item add sales order link and allocate batch 2 to it and submit.

Hello, just replicated the issue in my account, I was able to the delivery notes of the batched items successfully.
Please check the GIF:

Please revert if the issue still persists.

I am facing this same issue version 11 which was working fine in version 10

This is not a feasible solution . We cannot keep creating multiple delivery notes just for multiple batch numbers
in version 10 it used to work flawlessly
since upgrade there this issue