Delivery Note for 2 Finished Products with Packing Slip


I have 2 Machines to be delivered to the customer.

For this 2 Machines X and Y. I have o deliver along with the accessories and these Machines has different accessories.

X Machine has 5 Accessories
Y Machines has 6 Accessories

Our process is to create a 2 Delivery Note with the same Delivery Note number.

Delivery Note number- DC0001

I have a Product Bundle for each machine.

Can I create the packing slip for the Delivery Note of the 2 machines under the same Delivery Note number.

Here I mean to get the print format.

How can I configure for the above process?


It’s not possible to make 2 delivery note with the same delivery note number but you can create multiple packing slip against one delivery note and you can set the custom package number for identification on the packing slip

Thanks a lot, Got it.