Delivery Note for materials to supplier

I would like to create an Delivery Note for sending materials (Items) to suppliers. I can’t figure out how to do this within ERPNext. The default Delivery Note functionality, can only be used for deliveries to customers. How can I create a Delivery Note for suppliers?

This is interesting! Could you please explain why would you send material to your supplier? General usage of supplier is to procure/receive goods and services from them and not provide/give goods and services?

Maybe you could explain your business use case to get better comments from awesome erpnext community.

I mean sending Items for outsourced manufacturing. We are outsourcing the assembly of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s). Most components are bought by the assembly house itself, but sometime we have to send them some (obsolete) components. For that I would like to make Delivery Notes.

Looks like you are looking for subcontracting

hope this helps, thanks!

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Thanks for your reply! I knew about the subcontracting feature. But using this I can’t create a Delivery Note. Or am I wrong?

No, but Step 3 which indicates the Material Transfer to the supplier should work.

Okay, thanks!