Delivery Note issue "How to Submit, Nothing Happen after save"


Appropriate your help!

when the Delivery Note is “Submitted” Nothing Happen, and no stock Ledger Entry made. products remain in my warehouse.

at the bottom there a Status Tap , it show that Installation % is Zero and Zero % % of materials delivered against this Delivery Note.



it also ask to Submit this document to confirm but i am loged in as administrator and there not action point to click.

Update :

is it because of workflow ?? all other documents in the system get submitted in the same way, should i change any thing ?

Hello, @ahmed_elgamal
Greetings from Frappe! You guessed correctly! You must update the DocStatus of state “Approved” from 0 to 1. Additionally, for the Rejected state, DocStatus will have to be changed to 2, if you wish to cancel it. Check the heading of the table:
0 = Saved
1 = Submitted
2 = Cancelled
Refer the link to learn more about Workflows of ERPNext:

Hope this helps.

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Wow Jai_Chavan,

Thanks alot ,

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