Delivery Note Link with existing Sales Invoice

Hey Experts @NCP @ankush @bahaou …hope you are fine all… I have created a delivery note (DN-01) with 2 items (A & B). Then created sales invoice (SI-01). After sometime the customers returns back 1 item (A). I post return via delivery note(DN-R-01) and issue a new item (C) to customer by new delivery note (DN-02).
Now I also want to link this new delivery note(DN-02) with existing sales invoice(SI-01)…How can I do this?

seeking you expert opinion. Thanks

As per my knowledge, you can’t link the new delivery note with the created sales invoice.

Hey mate,
Could you try the following;

  1. Customize “Delivery Note Item” child table, disable hidden and read-only for the following fields

  1. When creating a delivery note, for every item, link those fields with the appropriate document.

Make sure all items are linked to the same document.

Dear the following message is appearing for against sales invoice and against sales invoice item.

Try property setter or client script