Delivery note POS button not appearing

i think my issue is simple:
like i checked this manual for erpnext i found out that this button doesn’t appear to me when creating a new delivery note like below:

i just want this button to make it easier aas it said in the video to select the item
how can i make it visible
i have erpnext version 9

POS view is only available for Sales, not for other transactions.

@kennethsequeira thanks for your reply
but how in the video through this button in delivery note they were able to click on it and navigate them to the POS section where they selected items easily instead of just clicking add row instantly?

The video is very old (look at the publishing date). ERPNext has had multiple updates after.

Even V9 is getting a year old now. Currently, ERPNext is on V10, with V11 about to be released soon.

you’re right , but considering in my point it was a good added value , why to remove it that’s why i asked since the start,
i know there is the v11 version i have it already but i’m still on v9 because in v11 version no mandatory fields are allowed to be removed from the standard forms unlike the v9 where you are able to remove the mandatory checkbox from sandard fields.

sorry again for bothering you, you said it’s for sale
so if i enter sales order or sales invoice can i be able to select the items directly? without clicking add row?
if yes how can i do that because in sales order i can’t see the pos view
and in sales invoice i can only see include pos payment checkbox
thanks in advance

This is only available for Sales Invoices which will be created directly from the POS and the relevant stock will be deducted.

This is mainly for retail stores where you want to check out with your products. The POS has the ability for barcode search.

You can have a look at the POS by directly searching it in the awesome bar (you may need to set up a POS prior to it).

@kennethsequeira so basically all these features were old.
yeah i already created a pos but was seeing if i could access the old features but appeared to be impossible because of the versions.
thanks for your time, appreciate your help!
have a good day!