Delivery Note Query


I need Delivery Note for 2 Machines with Packing Slip .

  1. Can I create a Product Bundle and pull the same in the Delivery Note?
  2. Can I create a Packing Slip and pull the same in the Delivery Note?

Process Example

A) Sales Order for 2 Machines
1) X-Machine and Y Machine
2) Accessories for the Machine X as a Packing Slip
3) Accessories for Machines Y as a Packing Slip
4) Delivery Note should be same DN No-001

How to configure for the above steps as I am not able to do through Product Bundle.


You can create product bundle, select parent item on delivery note and child items would be pulled.

As per current process, delivery note is created first and packing slip later.

@Pawan are you able to advise on the Packing Slip pulling Product Bundles from a Delivery Note - specifically it only pulls the Product Bundle itself and not the actual items making up the Product Bundle.