Delivery note Ref number in sale Invoice

Hi ,

I was wondering if its possible to link both . I mean when i create an invoice , i would like there to be reference to the delivery note .

Please advice .

Thank you

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-On sales Invoice form, inside Item table grid ,References section is present
and you can see References as Delivery Note number.
-If you make Sales Invoice against the Delivery Note then you can see Delivery Note number
on Sales Invoice form.

Hi @shraddha If we make delivery note from sales invoice…then we’ll have missing links. I cannot see delivery note ref on sales invoice item and vice-versa. On ver 8…

Is it by design? or possibly a bug?

Hi @jof2jc,
-In version 8, References not showing , it showing only How much quantity get delivered against SI.
So its a design.Not a bug

  • If you want to know which DN is linked with Sales invoice then,
    i. On sales invoice form,
    ii. Menu-> Links option is available , you can use that.

It would be better to see same behavior…the links get updated on the dashboard so not making confusion for user

This issue for dashboard link for sales invoice from delivery note is fixed and will be released soon.