Delivery note(return) and Credit Note(sales Return should be linked

Dear Team,

I suggest to link Delivery note (return) with Credit Note (sales Return).
If delivery note(original) and sales Invoice(original) is linked together, same should be done with returns…

Same thing with Purchases…

thank you…

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@ai_me Can you explain your use case? You can make reverse Delivery Note or Sales Invoice as return.

@rmehta Users tend to forget making credit notes on sales invoice for items returned in Delivery notes and vice versa…

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The problem is that returns are no so simple. You may return the amount, but may choose not to have the item shipped back. Hence both are separate.

this leaves DR-RET/PURCH-RET showing status “To Bill” since it was not linked to Credit note/Debit Note made against SINV/PINV.

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How to avoid user to not forget creating credit note??

I agree there must be an option in delivery note like “Issue credit note Automatically”. If its ticked then upon submit of sales return, credit note is also automatically created and submitted.

Hence both scenarios are fulfilled

I think they should be linked too. You should be able to make a Delivery Note from a Sales Invoice return, and the Sales Order should be updated as “Completed” and not as Overdue like it is now.