Delivery note status problem

i have a simple problem which is the status of the delivery note is still showing “to bill” and the sales invoice status is already paid, i cheked another topic related to this where a person had the same problem, and the reply was to put it to close.
can’t there be another solution to put the Delivery note as completed, cz it’s not set automatically for some delivery notes which is weird and others are completed, no idea what could have caused this problem
any help?

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Have you created Sales Invoice from the Delivery Note?



Hey @AnthonyS,

We had this issue as well, and there’s currently a pending PR where we’re discussing a solution.

You can check it out here.

the delivery note has been created from sales invoice, but i’ve noticed something that whenever a client does a return like he takes 8 items but returns 2 , the delivery note changes, so it creates a difference between the delivery note and the sales invoices which probably causes the problem while it’s already paid.

hey @RohanB,
okay will check it, thanks for your concern.

We are on
ERPNext: v12.9.3 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.6.1 (version-12)

The Delivery Note status and Sales Invoice options are not logical.

We have Delivery Notes with no invoice, but are marked completed do not have the + on Dashboard next to Sales Invoice or the Sales Invoice option on the create button.

We have Delivery notes completely invoiced that show to bill.

We have delivery notes that there is no + next to Sales Invoice in Dashboard, but the Sales Invoice IS an option on the create button drop down.

Other inconsistencies also. We had hoped to use the To Bill flag for control, to be sure we invoiced everything we shipped, but are not confident now. What other report will show us items delivered and NOT billed to customer.


We are having the same problem.

@RohanB @tonto Did you find a solution for this?

It looks like the issue reported is still outstanding on Github: [Fix] ‘To Bill’ status even if the amount is zero #14784

@zcbths3, the issue was actually fixed back in 2018 when we made that change, but it seems to have come back now. I’m not sure why it’s happening, but maybe you’ll find more luck reporting it as an issue on Github? Or talking to someone from the Frappe team.

thanks @RohanB