Delivery quantity summary


In a distribution company, we sell and deliver products by our own. And we deliver to multiple customers (invoices, delivery notes) per truck (shipment).

  1. So how could I have summary per items, how many item A, item B,…etc for total shipment that warehouse should release products and load onto truck?

  2. And if in case, that some invoices/delivery notes cannot be delivered to customers, is there any mechanism to settle the undelivered items back to warehouse?


check the report “Ordered Items To Be Delivered”

for transfer back from truck warehouse, you can use stock entry

Hi @ushashmi, in “Ordered Items To Be Delivered” report, there is no option to select and assign onto truck, we need to do many steps manually and there are multiple trucks (multiple delivery note per trucks), I wish there are some customization on system that could solve this distribution domain. Thanks

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You are right. Its not straight forward. You have to make some customizations
but at the same time its very much possible in ERPNEXT

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Do not know if you will like this work around.

I create each truck as a warehouse under the group warehouse (truck)

We transfer all deliveries to each truck using material transfer

The truck driver will then have the responsibility of doing a delivery note to each customer when he delivers the items.

We do this because each truck driver can deliver to many customers on one trip and can also be in a position where the customer does not take delivery.

With this method at any time we know how many products we have in each truck and if a delivery is not made and needs to be returned back to the store we just do a material transfer from the truck back to the warehouse.


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Hi @olamide_shodunke,

Thanks for your workaround practice business flow, but this is required manual calculation, in this case, i have up to 15 customers per delivery trucks, and there are multiple items per invoice, so that it would has human error to sum up the total quantity for each item to do product transfer from warehouse to truck.

Hope there is better solution or work around on this.
Thank you,