Delivery says "to bill" even though invoice already created


  1. Created and submitted a Sales Order
  2. Created and submitted the Sales Invoice from the Sales Order (status: unpaid, which is correct)
  3. Created the Production Order from the Sales Order
  4. Manufactured everything
  5. Created and submitted the Delivery Note from the Sales Order

Sales Order status = completed -----> correct
Sales Invoice status = unpaid ------> correct
Delivery Note status = to bill ------> this is not correct

And I now have 1 outstanding Delivery Note (in red)

when in the Delivery Note I click the Make button I still have the option to create the Invoice. But the invoice was already created.

I guess I could solve this problem by pressing “Close” in the Delivery Note but I’m not sure this is the correct procedure.

Please advise.


Are your sure that your invoice is connected to your order?

Well, usually the linked documents are forward and not backward, right? So, based on the linked documents, the Sales Order definitely knows the Sales Invoice and the Delivery Note. While if I ask for links in the Sales Invoice I get none, and the same with the Delivery Note.

But yet, if you look at the documents headers you’ll see that both know about their Sales Order and you can navigate back to it from both the Sales Invoice and the Delivery Note.

Sales Order:

Sales Invoice:

Delivery note:

So I think the answer is yes, they seem to be properly linked.


maby the payment schedule? try playing with the due date

Here are the Sales Order links:

Both the Delivery Note and the Sales Invoice say they don’t have any linked documents. But as I explained in the previous post, you can still see them in their headers.

I don’t quite understand how this “Links” functionality works. I’d say it should work in both directions but it doesn’t. Besides, it seems to be overseeded by the header information which is more accurate. Is this “links” functionality becoming obsolete?


But… the Sales Invoice due date is what it is (one month from the date it was created in this case). I shouldn’t need to change it. It shouldn’t make a difference on the Delivery Note asking me for another Sales Invoice.

Maybe the creation date? But I created the Sales Invoice before the Delivery Note so this should not be a problem.

I’m lost here. It looks like a bug.

I guess you change the price rate in sales invoice??

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I did! So that explains it?

I was forced to change it because of what I explain in this other issue:

yes, you have to close it manually

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Understood. Thanks!