Delivery Warehouse in Sales Order for Multi-Company Setup

I’m in a multi-company setup and when I am currently logged in as a user of one of the sub companies, I get an error when creating a sales order.

This user has a Sales User role and when trying to submit the SO, I get the error “Delivery Warehouse required for stock item”. Made sure the item in the SO has the Delivery Warehouse set correctly too.

Am I missing some permission/role?

Anyone got an idea?

Warehouses are aligned with each company. So if you have BR1 as company and you are trying to make a transaction, you can only pick warehouse aligned to BR1.

So chances are, your company in the transaction and the warehouse are aligned to the same company.



I have noticed what I think is an error in the behavior.

The item properties i have in the SO is set to have the default warehouse from another company, BR2.

I am now making an SO for BR1 to sell the item and it does have stock in BR1’s warehouse when I select BR1 as the delivery warehouse. However I get that error.

But if I change the “default warehouse” attribute of the item to BR1, BR1 can add it in the SO but now BR2 gets the error.

What I am seeing here is the “Delivery Warehouse” in the SO seems to get ignored and persists to use the “Default Warehouse” set in the item master.

If I do not assign a “Default Warehouse” for the item, both companies cannot add the item in the SO and both get the same error saying “Delivery Warehouse required for stock item” even if I select their respective warehouses with stock.

I’m really inclined to think this behavior is a bug. Unless I am missing a process/configuration.

filed an issue in github

Anyone with some feedback on this issue? Filed an issue on erpnext github but still no feedback.

Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?

Anybody encountered this issue or has a workaround?

The issue has been tagged for the version 8 milestone.