Demo App installation in multi tenancy mode

Hello all,
Can I install a demo version with demo data on a multitenancy basis on a different port with the following commands.
I already have my default site on port 80. Will t be rewritten?

Basically default site, i would like to use for our own use and port 82 for demos to customers.

bench get-app erpnext_demo GitHub - frappe/erpnext_demo: Deprecated with Version 7 (will work till v6)
bench new-site {site}
bench --site {site} install-app erpnext
bench --site {site} install-app erpnext_demo
bench set-nginx-port {site} 82
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload

Thanks for support

Sure, where are you stuck.

Thanks for the advice.
Did it but cannot see any demo/dummy data.

Hello @rmehta, I am trying to do a multitenant install for the first time. For some reason, I have this Exception: port 80 is being used by anotherĺ site site1.local. i am currently running bench set-nginx-port site 82. And the script says 80 is in use. I am using 82