Demo/Seed/Test data for ERPNext 13

Hello team,

I have been looking for working demo dataset or test data set for all the modules in ERPNext 13.x for a while now but have not been successful. I came across multiple following threads but all of them seem to be (now) outdated and meant for earlier versions. Examples below:

  1. Trying to install demodata on new site
  2. ‘bench run-tests’ to make local instance like
  3. [Good quality demo data, eg. ”WIND POWER LLC” download](htt ps://
  4. [Sample data for demo. erpnext. com and own deployments](htt ps://

(Had to breakdown links number 3 & 4 to overcome ‘new user 2 links only’ limitation)

I have a few questions here:

  1. Is there anyway or a command that be used to populate Demo/Seed/Test data as a part of installation or post installation?
  2. Is is there any master dataset available which can be injection into MariaDB via SQL query?
  3. Is there any publicly accessible demo site with demo data from where data can be exported and then imported into our instances?

Looking forward to response from the team. TIA!


As far as I know, the closest thing that exists is 'bench run-tests'. This command will create a new Company and various transactions.

Not quite the same as Demo company. But it’s the best that exists, unless you can find a Service Provider that offers something.

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