Department Level Leave approvers being able to approve their own leaves


I have setup Departments and leave approver is set for each department. The same leave approvers have been given the role of ‘leave approver’ in ‘Role Profile’

But on creating a new leave application for themselves, Leave approver can approve own leaves where as his own leave approver is set to a higher level employee on his employee records.

Tried a lot of stuff including ‘PERMISSION Depends on’ for the field ‘Status’ under Customization of ‘Leave Application Form’.

Nothing works… Anybody could help ?


Uncheck the “Allow self approval” check box in the transition rules and try.


I have not set any workflow yet. Do you mean, I have to set workflows to achieve this ?
Would you kindly elaborate, if possible ?

Yes if you do not want to code the validation via custom scripts, I guess you may have to configure workflow.

Configured Workdlow and Unchecked ‘Allow Self Approval’.

It worked ! Thanks @Pawan