Depend on and Workflow state

Hi all,

I am trying to customize a depend on field based on my workflow state.

Hence, i tried using the eval:doc.workflow_state==" state1" but seems that the field doesn’t appear when i reach the state1

@Manu, it’s sounds like a typo you have a extra space in " state1", the correct should be “state1”?

removing the extra space in “state1” doesn’t work either …

@Manu, is your form submittable? If yes this event is raised after or before the form submit?

yes, the form is submittable and the event is raised after the form submit.

@Manu, check if you have enabled the field to be editable after submit, because by default forms submted are readonly, and the form dont show readonly fields without values!

Great, that was the issue … i had forgot to tick allow on submit in my doctype
Thank you very much