Depend On Issue?

Good Afternoon,
I m facing a weird issue here. i have made a Select custom field with 4 options and 4 check box that depend on the choice.(ie eval:doc.select_field==“option1”)
firstly, all check box are visible even no selection is made.
Upon selection of a choice, all check boxes still remain visible.
but the weirdest of all, is that once i make a selected choice and save it, it changes the select choice to the first depend on value ( exemple: i select option4 but when saving it shifts back to option1)

Any idea of what’s going on ?
(i ve been using the depend on for sometime on many documents and it’s the fist time i face this issue )

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A screenshot will help to understand the issue better. Please share

(*1- On load, Even nothing is selected, All Check Boxes are visible

hi, did you figure out anythng for this ?