Dependency of ERPNext on Frappe Tech

Hi need a clarification. What kind of a dependency do ERPnext has on Frappe? For example, In case of on premises solution of Erpnext, in future if our client stops renewing ERPnext subcription and their in house team wants to continue the support, is it feasible? Is ERPnext and Frappe fully independent with each other or any dependencies are there between them? Please kindly reply.


There are two aspects,

  1. You are using term Frappe for Frappe Framework

ERPNext product is built on Frappe Framework, in this manner, ERPNext Product have dependancy on Frappe Framework

  1. You are using term Frappe for Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

ERPNext product and Frappe Framework both are 100% Open Source.


Okay … If we are trying to take ERPnext code and try to develop it on a different Framework , will that be feasible and will that be affecting ERPnext’s functionality?

not feasible and definitely will affect.

Not feasible in the sense it will require a lot of code changes? What kind of issues we might face? Can you please elaborate on this?
Our doubt is, since frappe technology is an opening source, and if in case in the future they become dormant and don’t give support or closed their project, how ERPnext will react to it? We are looking for a long time solution. So trying to do the risk analysis. Kindly clarify.

Frappe Framework & ERPNext both are Open Source. Considering the hypothetical situation where Frappe Technologies closes this project, you will still be able to use the code till date and maintain on your own.

But the whole point of Open Source is avoid this situation


Okay thanks a lot for your reply. I got it.

When you have completed your risk analysis, kindly share your findings. The community will benefit from it.

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This is the correct answer. To oblige any entity to keep supporting ERPNext for free is akin to slavery - you are demanding free labour. The “software” is free, not “labour of developers”. For more details see this: What is Free Software? - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

Free software projects like ERPNext derive their strength from various actors in society (Frappe Tech is one of them and there is also a foundation and other freelance devs who contribute). It is the role of society now to support such entities to ensure that the free work continues. There is no easy answer, but it’s an ongoing process.