Dependency with leave when change department

Hi all,

I am encounter a scenario in HR module. When one employee want to change department, I’m not able to change it. The reason is this employee already allocated with leave and some more he has few leave application from previous

Problem now is, if I were to change department, I need to delete all of his leave application, all the dependency with other functions and to create as a new employee. Again to reassign the leave policy etc. This will cause this employee lost all the previous connection detail.

How can I change department without hassle the above ?

Please advice.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Witton,

Did you try changing the Department via Employee Promotion?

Select the property as department and change the current dept to a new one.

Hope this helps.

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Dear Michelle,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Yes this is very useful hint.
But this employee promotion was not able to change those leave that already applied.

Employee A was in IT department previously. He applied few annual leave before.
In the middle of the year, he change to management department. Unfortunately he is not able to change the department name (even use the employee promotion function). This is because he already has few submitted leave previously.

This apply to other promotion changed that has a dependent with leave application / leave type etc.

Not sure if there is a solution to overcome this scenario?

Anyhow, appreciate your feedback very much !! At least sometime new I have learn :slight_smile:

Hi @Witton,

Which version are you using? I tried this in v13 and it works. Even if the employee has submitted leave records. Could you please share a screenshot of the error message?

We are using the version showing below.

ERPNext: v12.4.3 (HEAD)
ERPX Human Resource Module: v0.0.1 (dev)
Frappe Framework: v12.2.1 (HEAD)

Actually there was no error prompting. It just that after change the Employee promotion, it did change the department name, but not on the leave that already approved and new allocated leave.

I don’t think the system is designed to update the assignments based on promotions. What you could do try is update the leave policy for the employee, and then grant more leaves via Leave Period.