Depends on condition that can be few options

I have a field that I need to depend on condition that can be either one of 3 options in another field.
I have found answers regarding depend on few conditions that they all need to exist. (meaning AND not OR)
I need help on how to create a condition with OR.

Suppose, we have 2 fields called field1 and field2.
field1 has 5 options val1, val2, val3, val4 and val5.
We want that if field1 value is val1, val2 or val3, then only field2 will be shown.

In this case, “Depends On” value for field2 will be eval:in_list([val1, val2, val3], doc.field1)

I tried what you suggested. (just to clarify my “field 1” is a select type field)
didn’t work. How can it be checked just to make sure I don’t have any mistakes?


Can you share the exact values you are putting in the Depends On field? Are both fields part of same document (parent/child)?

here is what I wrote:
eval:in_list([PT, PT Retest, PT Network], doc.activity_type)

and yes, it is in the same form - project form

eval:in_list([“PT”, “PT Retest”, “PT Network”], doc.activity_type)

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Tried. didn’t work. any other suggestions?


sorry, spoke too soon. it did work . thank you