Depends on Option in Customize Form


I am customizing the items form as under:

Here at the bottom you can see the section sss and a select field “Body” .
In the above section " Datasheet Generator" i want this same body select field to appear when i select gate OR globe Or Non Return OR Ball OR Butterfly … (only 1 at a time)

I made the following change in depends on field as below :

the depends on is Gate as in the case, but i am wondering if i can make visible this code in gate , globe, non return, and not in ball, butterfly, plug. (check fields)

Can anyone suggest me if there is a method to mention “OR” for check fields in the depends on field ?


You can use || as “or”, if you have acces to database check what ERPNExt DocType do. Table TabDocField, column depend_on, you should find some sample to inspire you

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Thanks Henry. Got it .!

Can we have a depend on value based on a check box in a different section break ?