Deploy ERPNext From one server to another server


I have customised erpnext on my local server now i want to move customised erp on another server “”.
So, how can i do that???

Did you change core ERPNext file or maintain code in separate app?

You can take database backup from local machine.
You can install ERPNext in another server, then restore backup in live server.

Please let me know, if you need any help in above steps.

@kolate_sambhaji I have change in core files and also added some new field in Existing ERP without using customise form.
So how can i deploy in this case.?

On your local machine,

  1. Commit your changes.
  2. push your frappe and erpnext repository in github/bitbucked
    (you can refer this, sorry its not well written Working with BITBUCKET)

You can install ERPNext using instruction provided in Setting Up ERPNext

4) use bench get-app erpnext https:/ / path to your github repository
bench new-site site1.local
bench install-app erpnext
5) restore your local database into live server


Thnx @kolate_sambhaji.
it’s exactly what i am looking for.

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Sorry, its not well written, when I get time, I will write some article on it.

Please post your output after completing above steps

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yaps …
sure… :smile:

Why to push to the github and then get it from github again?
Why not to copy it from one machine to another machine (even using FTP)?