Deploy new version custom app but source code are not updated

Hello guys,
I built a custom app with docker.
It worked well and everything seemed to go well.

Some source code was added and docker image was newly built to develop a new feature.

From custom_app:1.0.0
Updated version to custom_app:1.0.1.

I changed the image version to 1.0.1 at compose yml file and executed it, and it is the same as the picture.


The first picture is when access website.
Second picture is real source code in docker container.
Using command docker exec -it custom-backend-1 /bin/bash

I applied ssl certificate using traefik and used route53 for domain.

I tried deleting the cache because I thought it was a browser cache problem, and I tried accessing it in secret mode, but it was no use.

Anyone can help??