Deploy on windows virtual server

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Is Any one has an Idea about Install Frappe on windows Virtual Server?(Windows 2012 R2 Standard Server)
Yes then,How?
I Tried Through VirtualBox But Not Successfully.

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Sagar Shiragawakar

Frappe not supports windows based installation.
If you are using windows,

You can also just get Ubuntu / CentOS in Hyper-V and install the easy way, GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps

As core developers have mentioned in earlier post frappe is not supported on Windows due to obvious reason.

frappe uses Python 2.7, MariaDB, node.js, many libraries and modules which may or may not have Windows compatible versions available. Hence is it more appropriate to run frappe/erpnext on well supported platform.

Of course, you are free to experiment and let us know, if you succeed installing frappe/erpnext on Windows Server. :smile:

At Present official bench tool is far most best option for installing and managing frappe on CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu etc.

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@pdvyas can u share the Steps To installing on frappe on Virtual Server(hyper-V) through ubuntu?.

@sagar checkout @pdvyas reply and follow link for installation steps.

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hi @yashodhan,
I have done the successfully installation on Hyper-v windows Server through the Creating a VHDX File on Locally and that file Mount on that Server.

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Yes I agree, making this available on a windows platform solves a lot of problems such as running slow on a laptop in VM. Also doing any enhancements/modifications for ERPNext becomes a problem. I was looking to doing modifications to ERPNext for a specific market segment (other than ERP). But the target audience doesn’t have the technical sophistication to deal with VM on a windows machine or a Linux box. Sure could run it as a hosted solution but that would defeat what I’m trying to do.

Also I would guess making it available on a windows machine would make the product more marketable.


Hi @leroypa,
You can manged the Erpnext on windows Hyper-v Server .When,You are use the “Virtual Machine Server” for hosting at that time you have to do the following steps.
1.Windows Server install on your Laptop
2.install of ubuntu on this local server
3.create the .vhdx file on local server
4.this file extract on hosted server.


Thanks for your reply. What your suggesting is still a virtualization solution. As the majority of development for this type of product will be done on the desktop and windows has 96% of the desktop OS’s, I think your missing a major opportunity.

Figures I’ve seen for the desktop are:
windows 96%
mac 2.87
linux 1.13

In my option you need a simple development and run environment to make this product a major player.

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@leroypa, actually the issue to dont support Windows, is not because Python itself, but is about various frameworks that frappe have in the box, and manage the requeriments to install in windows is very hard to get it in the box.

  • WkHTMLtopdf
  • Redis
  • Celery
  • NodeJs
  • Git
  • Supervisor

And libs like

  • libssl
  • libxsl2
  • libcrypto


Usually, do you can install cygwin to get this running in the windows, but is a pain, I’m talking by experience!

Currently, I’m only on linux, because the native environment, and library management system and package depedency resolution But since vagrant, and erpnext-vagrant (GitHub - frappe/erpnext_vagrant: Vagrantfile and Bootstrap for creating a dev environment for ERPNext) is much more mature, I’m planning to move to windows, to start using Visual Studio, with IronPython, instead of IronPython + MonoDevelop on linux, that is another pain, and use Vagrant to continue developing ERPNext and frappe, on the VM.

I have been using in the Hyper-V to convert the VOA of Vbox image to VHD.

1.Create a virtual server in the Vbox.
2.The VMDK made above using the “VBoxManage convertfromraw” to convert the VHD.

It is very easy.

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@leroypa Yes a lot of Dev work is done on a local Windows or OSX machine.
Almost all web servers run * .nix
As such when developing for ERPNext it makes sense (for most people) to use either a CentOS or Ubuntu VM (In my case managed with Vargrant) on top of Windows/OSX
Then deploy to your *.nix web server

Also in order to avoid a world of pain (And MS licensing fees) I strongly suggest avoiding Windows IIS servers completely. I have yet to come across anyone not employed/paid by MS who uses IIS.