Deployment on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello all,

I am new to this so asking simple question which i did search for but couldn’t find solution for.

Here is what i did.

Windows pc with VM Virtual Box Ubuntu 14.04.
Setup frappe and erpnext using the easy installation cmd: wget sudo bash --setup-production

All went well successfully installed on ubuntu vm and working localhost:80 but only on Ubuntu VM Virtual Box.

When I try to open localhost:80 on host windows pc it doesnt work.

What can be the issue here ?

You have to get to know the ip address of your VM.

Localhost always connects to the same system from which you call it, so in your case, its the windows pc.

One could use the “ifconfig” command in the shell to get the IP-adress from your Ubuntu VM.

Depending on how you did the network setup on virtual box, you should be able to access it from a browser on the Windows side by opening:



Thanks for the reply Dave

I tried the following setting on the Virtual Box Network Setup:

  1. NAT with DHCP and Static
  2. Bridged Adapter with DHCP and Static.

On this computer i have ERPNext with its virtual image file installed and that works fine. I dont use these 2 VM together… Just for info.