Deployment to cloud system


I am developing in my own virtual machine my app is its ready to production, my production system is in the cloud of Erpnext-frappe, but I don´t know how can I do the deployment? I read about get-app but I dont have acces to the console of linux in the cloud system or maybe the questionv is how can I get acess to the Linux or bench console in a cloud system?

@Oswaldo_Rodriguez, Sorry to say, but do you can’t install your app in frappe-cloud!

The bench get-app is for self-hosted!

You mean if I want add any functionality to Erpnext I have to self-hosted?

@umair, do you can confirm?

yes, you’ll need access to the terminal/command line of the server running your ERPNext/frappe (which you do not get from the GUI). So you have to self-host or host somewhere on any cloud where you have root access to your server.

you can do some sort of customizations (like customze forms, add custom fields or scrits) from within the GUI though but I don;t think that is what you are looking for

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