Is It Possible to Do Significant Customization When Hosted by the ERPNext Cloud?


Our company is evaluating ERPNext for our ERP solution. We are currently using the ERPNext cloud service for hosting during this evaluation.

As a developer I’ve been tasked with determining how practical it is to customization ERPNext for our needs. My understanding is that to add functionality to ERPNext (e.g., creating and adding apps, scripting DocTypes, ect.) it is necessary to have command line, root access to the server hosting ERPNext. This is based on what I’ve read in the following topic: Deployment to cloud system - #3 by Oswaldo_Rodriguez

Is it possible to have command line, root access to the server when hosted on the ERPNext cloud service? Or will it be necessary to use a different cloud hosting service such as Amazon EC2 in order to do any significant customization.

I have not been able to find a definitive answer to this and would appreciate any assistance. Thank you in advance.

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@marcmcc: if you like to go deeply into customizing your ERP Next, you will definitely need to maintain a separate dedicated replica/server for it. Whether such a server is hosted as a VM in a cloud (AWS EC2, Rackspace Cloud, Digital Ocean etc.) or as an in-house VM or as a hardware server is dependent on your IT strategy/budget constraints.

Achieving this with Frappe-hosted ERP Next cloud account is not feasible AFAIK.

@marcmcc unfortunately we do not allow significant customization / root access on the cloud.

If your needs are standard enough, you can get them contributed to core product and then you can use it on the cloud.