Depreciation in erpnext

Hi ,can anyone help me please.actually i have to depreciate an existing asset using straight line method . can you suggest me how you calculate the depreciation amount in the depreciation schedule because my depreciation amount is varying .

i have purchase the asset on 01/07/2013
purchase amount-is Rs 1000000
opening accumulated depreciation-625000
number of depreciation booked-5
Depreciation method-straight line
Total number of depreciation is 8
Frequency of depreciation-12
Depreciation start date-1/07/2018

Hi @trishty_thakoor,

Try changing the Available for use date. If u want the next depreciation date like 01/07/2020, so enter the available date 01/07/2019, 12 months before the next depreciation date. In the exact case you have there:

Also make sure you have clicked the option Calculate Prorated Depreciation Schedule Based on Fiscal Year in the Asset setting.

Good luck.