Depreciation Row 1: Depreciation Start Date is entered as past date

i need the depreciation started in 1-12-2019 but it did not work in v11
i do it in v 9
what should i do???

It will work. Depreciation journal entry will be run at midnight.


When you create an asset and set the deprciation start date as a past date (as in your case 1-12-2019), you receive a warning that the depreciation start date is entered as past date, but you can still submit the asset.


Unless something else is wrong, a Depreciation Journal Entry is automatically scheduled and typically runs at end of day. Depreciation Journal entries will be made for all past dates. So if you created the Asset today, wait till tomorrow to find out if the Journals will be created.

Make sure the following boxes are selected if the asset is already purchased:


And frequency of depreciation should be set as 1 and not 12.

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