Description field-type


i want to add a field to a doctype which should only add some helper text to the doctype form.

is there an easy way to or an specific field type to handle this case? ideally it can handle html i have some links and bullet points etc…

regards and thanks

For the description field you can use Text editor field for bullet points and links. You can also use small text for the text only.

thanks for your response. but i dont want that the user can add a text with links etc.

i want a short helper description for a specific field. like this (below “Naming Options”)

so i can make a short description/intro for the user with a helper text

You can use a Small Text field also.

Hi please check

Create a small text field, make it read-only, and set the content in “Default”.

thanks for your responses.

to “small field text”, i think when i create a field and mark them read only and set the content in “default” will this content be written in the database (in every entry)? or will this be really only be shown as read only?

regards and thanks

The content will be stored in the database in every entry but the field cannot be edited by users

ok thank your for your fast response.

is there any other possibility? the problem is, i have many of these “description (read-only)” fields and we get in the future many entries into this and other doctypes where the descriptional fields will be placed, so this would bloat the database really in the future.

regards and thanks

Try virtual fields then. Available in version 14+, where the field data does not get committed to the db.

Probably virtual docfield can be a good way

@ddggyy have you seen the “HTML” field type? That sounds like what you need. Add the field, and provide the content HTML in the “Options” field for your custom field

hey, yeah thanks i’ve tested the html field but on my first try i added the html to the default input field instead of the options input field.

thank you all for your help