Description on invoices

Hi is it only possible to change the description in item and not on each invoice?

I will be using the same items but the description will be specific to that invoice in most cases

what excactly do you mean?

change the itemdiscription in Sales invoice?

You can create variance in items.


@spa I mean when you create an invoice it has a column for item, which is the items you create in ERPNext and then it has a description column, but it seems this is auto-populated from the description when you create an item. But Items will have different subscriptions, for example, an item may be a type of training but in the description, I will want to put the date or location. I wouldn’t want to create a new item just for the same thing on a different date so I was hoping to change the description in the invoice instead of in the item

Hi @soae786 , yes I’ve seen that but it says if I tick this I can’t select the item for sales orders etc, also adding a variant seems a long winded process just to add the description in the scenario above. It would be good if item and description were handled differently as is the case with some other accounting software.

Hi, Thank you for both of your replies. I have found out how to do it. In each row, there is an arrow if you click on that you can edit the description and change cost centres there.

ERPNext proving again it is still the best software of its kind

Hi @ Softwareprofs I have been looking for this for almost 6 months and this happens to be the best answer. I am really grateful.