Design bug in Reports using filters

I find it a little strange that all the filters in groups aren’t used properly. Example: Item Groups and Warehouse. I would think that the purpose of a tree structure is to be able to help with reporting and grouping. Thus if I did a stock balance report and choose ‘All Warehouses’ I should get the stock balance for all the warehouses under the ‘All Warehouses’ tree structure (i.e.: Finished Goods, Work-In-Progress, Raw Material’). But instead it only gives me what under ‘All Warehouse’ which would be nothing because this is a group name.

Same for Item Group.

Can someone please explain this? Or provide a workaround without me exporting a report for every warehouse and adding them all together manually.

Thank you

Hi @Nathan,

I understand your point (and even agree); unfortunately, I cannot give you the answer.

But, have you tried the “IN” filter? When setting a filter, you can achieve a multiple selection using this, e.g. name IN (“Accessories”, “Underwear”). I know it is only a workaround, but maybe it still helps :wink: On the reports, you might enjoy the large options that query reports give you…