Design question for a repair scheduler

Hi guys,
I was thinking, it would be great to have a module in ERP Next that can allow us to issue “work order” when it’s time to do maintenance on item like car, building, heavy machinery. So I’ve done a bit of UML to show it to you.

(I’m hoping I didn’t do too much error I haven’t done UML in like 5 years) . The goal is to allow multiple condition and operator for the schedule repair. What do you think and how could I make this better?

Ok I’ve already improve it a little bit. Here’s the new diagram :

Check out the Support module - it has some pretty powerful built-in scheduling features.

From there, you could figure out whether or not that workflow fits, and if you need to customize in order to suit your business.

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You’re right I forgot that module even exist. Thank you. I’ll have to check to functionality VS what is needed. Thank you!

Hi I looked more closely to the support module and I see a few problem.

You can only use date as condition. Sometime you want to use multiple condition like 3 month or 5000 km, 8 month or 200 hours of use.

The module cannot allow you to track your expense.

You also cannot track the use of the maintenable Item.

Am I right?

Thank you

@alec_ruizramon1that reminds me that maintenance should not be in support!

@chafor you might want to extend the current maintenance module.

@rmehta I was wondering about the design of the module - it makes sense at first glance but there can be two very separate cases for “support” - one for customer tickets regarding product, and one for scheduled maintenances (or unscheduled / breakdown maintenance).

In our business we are expanding into maintenance activities in the next year or so and will have to expand the two docs (maintenance schedule, maintenance visit) to a handful or so to fit our needs…I’m sure it isn’t a priority compared to other more used modules for your team, so I’d be happy to share the generic functionality back to the community when it does get developed!

Couldn’t Maintenance be moved to the tools module, and the rest of the support tools be moved to the sales module? Maybe on the left where it shows


It could show Support as well? Perhaps rename the Selling module to Customer Support and getting rid of the Support module all together? Also, the Learn module could be moved to tools as well, and perhaps All Applications?

Most users would expect Selling and Support to be separate,

but yeah, we can move Maintenance to a separete module.

Will add to ERPNext 7. We need to rename Company to Organization

I’m looking for the best practice in the industry but up until now I haven’t found anything worth mentioning I’ll continue to search!