Designated Billing Contact

Hello to you all,

I’d like to make a subject on billing contacts in ERPNext. As many of our customers would like to have the CEOs name on the invoice, but have the invoice sent to a address like we run into the trouble of having to either document the process for our billing department or have to create a special contact in which the name of the CEO is used with the e-mail address mentioned above. This though leads to having some contacts twice which then is irritating in keeping your contact list in order. Also this contact still turns up when sending e-mails from the system which leads to confusion which address is supposed to be used.

If we do go this path we tend to use this abstract customer as Main Contact in the DocType customer which again leads to confusion as the data behind this contact is not really explicit.

My suggestion would be able to set this up some where as this contact rarely changes. For the moment I have no good suggestion to where this could fit in nicely.

Any Suggestions?


PS: I have a written some documentation on the matter here (so far only in german):

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How do you all go about this?

We have indeed several implementations around :wink: In one case, we use a data field on the customer with the “print name”, which is pulled to the print format. The primary contact gets the email and is listed as contact.
Another implementation (with a very high number of invoices per month) uses email notification on submit of the sales invoice. We use a different field for the accounting email address.

What we also see often is that the mail should be addressed to the contact person and in cc go to the counting department (or vice versa). We usually apply an additional configuration for that.

Note sure if this helps though… I guess as in most cases, the use cases varying. What I like with ERPNext is that as a general platform, it can be tweaked to do whatever one wants. But I guess there is no one-fit-all solution…

Over my head. Need to leave answering to @Mario_Truss and @Kai_Rodiger.

Honestly, that’s an issue we are also facing at this point. In our Billing Software, adresses & contact are the same thing. So basically, there was Mr. CEO with the following with information on address & his email.
Contacts is a CRM feature for me. Address is meta information to display various location or the one location, the customer is at.

The approach of having to combine a contact and an address to render the Full Letter Address is kind of odd. The only possibility I know is:

  1. Misuse Address Title, type in the Name of the CEO and choose Contact to get the E-Mail.

I don’t know whether a “Billing Contact” would fix this, because what we need is not a Contact. It shares the sames information as a contact, but actually it is just a part of the address. Something like the Recipient information.

The contact is entry with which you interact with.

My first idea would be to change address DocType, so that you can simply add Recipient Information with the Name, E-Mail & Phone

Why not let’s start with something like this:

  1. Write don’t all pain points with this.
  2. Collect some example of how other software uses this.
  3. Talk to Frappe about our issue. (or while collecting examples)
  4. Write a proposal and discuss it with the community.