Desk Background Color

To change the Background color I came to know the changes required in desk.min file.

May I know what is the location of this file?

@umarless you don’t change core files .just create a new css file in your app include it in the hooks file

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Thanks for reply.

I found this, but I am not able to find Setup Module > User and Permissions

Go to Website Theme and Add New Website Theme

on Custom SCSS
you can add your desire color setting for any section of page

.page-container {
    background-color: #17a2b8;
.page-head {
    background: #17a2b8 !important;
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Hello @GGR Thanks for reply.

How may I change this color on Desk for every user.

I tested this by inspecting CSS as below.

Do I need to change in desk.bundle.css or is there any other way to do like client script or server script?

no idea