Desk Cards Editing / Creating

I needed to create a couple of doctypes for a project I am working on.

I decided to create a new module and incorporate it in the desk view.

The above I succeeded, but now I am stuck in a problem which I am finding difficult
to work around.

I managed to create the custom inner card , but how to remove the setup card as it is not needed

attached image for

It should probably be in the Link Cards section of your Desk Page right? Desk Page List > Yacht Services > Link Cards, what do you see in the table? Also are these documents, custom or single or submittable?

DOCTYPE is submittable, and is a custom doctype, I managed to tweak the document py file to be able to add it to the cards, and created a custom inner card, but the setup card stack I dont know how to work around.

It is in the link cards section on the desktop. But have no control over the setup stack as I don’t know from where is stemming from

Uncheck the custom check box of your doctype and it will go away.

Thanks for the Support, executed using Administrator account

You’re welcome!
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