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I recently changed the language of my profile in erpnext and suddenly all the icons disappeard (see image). When I change to a different browser (Safari → Chrome) the icons are still there, but in Safari they are gone. Is there a way to get the icons back?
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Frappe / ERPNext version 11 was the last version to use the old Icon user interface. Beginning with v12 the new card style interface was the norm with no path back to the older icons.

Login with your Chrome browser and click on your username in the upper right corner of the screen, then select “About” from the drop down menu. It should indicate you are using version 11 or older (if the icons are actually still there).

Login with your safari browser and do the same (except it is not a user name in upper left it is now a small icon) click on your user id, then select “About” again and it will likely read as version 12 or greater.

If for some reason your chrome browser login has icons on the desk and the “about” info indicates you have v12 or greater, then you have fallen into the chrome browser cache/buffer trap. Simply click on the username again and select “Reload” instead of “About” and it will flush the cache buffers and load the actual screen with the card interface.

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Thank you for your reply BKM :smiley:

I probably used a wrong term… I was using v13 and the icons I meant, are the symbols in the navbar. I have no ERPnext Logo and no notification-bell anymore…
Do you have a solution to that too?

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It seems your browser doesn’t load the css or the images.
Maybe do bench --site sitename clear-cache and reload the browser can fix it.

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Thank you rahy,

that worked for me. I really appreciate how this forum works, very nice community :smiley:

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