Desk Not showing after successful login

Hi Folks,

I had edited website settings and pasted some external css link tags. After successful save, when I again login into erpnext, it is showing error:

"\n", "hide_footer_signup": 0, "home_page": "", "idx": "0", "modified": "2017-08-03 17:31:17.821257", "modified_by": "Administrator", "name": "Website Settings", "navbar_search": 0, "owner": "Administrator", "top_bar_items": [], "website_theme": "Standard" } };"

Now I am not be able to access any web pages of erpnext.
Please help me out.
Thanks in advance.

I see you guys are whitelabeling ERPNext. This is clearly not of interest. I hope you are making your code GPL. Share your fork URL if you want help.


I am totally agree with his statement,

Not satisfied! :roll_eyes:

No problem. Start your own forum.

How about at least sharing the source of your fork. That is mandated under GPL