Desk Page of custom module not showing up in left navigation (v13 beta)


I just started playing around with frappe and erpnext. I’m using the version-13-beta branch of frappe (and erpnext) and use the docker image for development.

I created a custom module and have added some doctypes and a custom report (works all very well). Now I created a “Desk Page” in that module but the Desk Page is not showing up on the left. I’m logged in as administrator.

You can see the code here: tariocherp/gebäudeverwaltung.json at master · tarioch/tariocherp · GitHub

Is there anything that I’m missing?

Figured it out myself. For anyone running into the same issue. I had a typo in my links, they were referencing a non existing doctype. After fixing this things work as expected :slight_smile:

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