Desk Shortcut for easy and faster access

Feature suggestion-- if user can create shortcut-to-desk which link-to specific report, form, item, customer etc then it would be helpful to give faster access… The shortcut is an icon on desk…

@jof2jc you can do that at the moment by editing the inside the config folder.

@neilLasrado I added this into under erpnext folder

    "Stock Ledger": {
    			"color": "#AA784D",
                            "force_show": True,
    			"icon": "icon-truck",
    			"icon": "octicon octicon-package",
    			"label": _("Stock Ledger"),
    			"link": "query-report/Stock Ledger",
    			"type": "report"

But the page is now blank. Got this error on console

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .module-count-query-report-stock%20ledger

I’m on production mode…

Can you help with some-hints?


Check this pranali_reloaded/ at develop · neilLasrado/pranali_reloaded · GitHub
Line No 50 must be of your help. Also i would recommend you to create a new app and keep your customization in that so that your upgrade does not break.

@neilLasrado still not working…what’s wrong?

"Stock Ledger": {
			"color": "#AA784D",
			"icon": "icon-truck",
			"icon": "octicon octicon-package",
			"label": _("Stock Ledger"),
			"link": "query-report/Stock Ledger",
			"type": "query-report"

@jof2jc hey i added the same code on my local it seems to work great. just run bench build after making the change

@neilLasrado run bench build but still no luck…??

is this the correct file erpnext/config/

Yes thats the correct file. are you still getting the syntax error on console ?

Yes still same error on console. What’s wrong?

@jof2jc I have added this to /erpnext/config/ without issue:
"Customers": { "color": "#9F9F9F", "icon": "icon-users", "icon": "octicon octicon-person", "link": "List/Customer", "doctype": "Customer", "type": "list" }, "Products": { "color": "#202020", "icon": "icon-gift", "icon": "octicon octicon-gift", "label": _("Products"), "link": "List/Item", "doctype": "Item", "type": "list" } } ## Final Closing Tag. Note that no comma is used above
Make sure all of your entry’s are followed with a comma except for the last one. Like shown above.

Also note that the label field can be anything you want. So
"label": _("Stock Ledger"),
can become
"label": _("My Cool Ledger"),

I also run:
bench export-fixtures
bench migrate
After making changes like this.

If I still do not see my changes displayed I run bench clear-cache and bench restart

Octagons can be viewed at:
Hope This Helps

@System19 thanks, I restarted the server and changes appear now.

Is okay to run bench restart in the production mode?


I haven’t noticed any issues from using bench restart.
If its a “live” server maybe best wait until late at night local time and then issue
bench destroy-all-sessions
bench restart
To make sure no one is accessing the DB.

bench restart doesn’t restart the linux server just the bench.

Can the label to be inside the box? I mean without icon image?

I wouldn’t think so as you are displaying an .ttf font.

test all thing ,same proplem with me ,any another resovle or video.