Desk Shortcut not working


Is there any way of using desk shortcuts and filter on child table entries or multiselect fields? I can set the filter within the list view and it works flawlessly, I can add the filter to the shortcut and it shows me the correct count, but when clicking on the shortcut the list isn’t filtered correctly.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

When you look at the landing URL, what’s missing (compared to your filtered list view)?

You can try using the URL shortcut and paste the URL from your saved filter view.

Thanks for the reply. I have already tested that and it works for simple data or link fields, but unfortunately not for multiselect fields. The list view resets itself automatically when loading the list.

What version of Fappe and ERPNext are you running.

I can use a URL to filter sales invoice by child table “sales invoice item”.

Here’s the important part of the URL


As you can see “item_code” is a child table field of Sales Invoice Item.

Have you tried multiselect fields?

Can you point me to a doctype with multi-select field?

It is a custom doctype and there is more than one multiselect field. The one causing the error is set up the same way as the other fields. I deleted the field and added it again (without changing anything) and now it’s working. Weird.