Desk sidebar CSS change

How can I change desk sidebar CSS using client script and also CSS for all doctypes without specifying perticular doctype?

use a custom app
add a new file in public/scss/{file_name}.bundle.scss
or for CSS in public/css/{file_name}.css
add in in


body[data-route^=Workspace] {
  .page-content {
    .col-lg-2.layout-side-section {
      display: none !important;
  .workspace-skeleton {
    display: block;

like this for the sidebar and for doctypes same but with different data-page-route

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Thank you for replying. But I have only one server with Frappe & ERPNext installed in which there are multiple sites. So i want to apply css only for one site. Currently I am doing changes in css that affect all other sites also.

Install Custom App on only the site you want to


Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face:

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