Desk, store, and blog on different domains or subdomains

Let’s say is a WordPress installation on a random hosted server. I want desk (internal use only) on, the storefront on and the blog on

I already have the first part of it down, since all i had to do was redirect to my frappe server, but now that I’m setting up a storefront, I want to split it out to a separate domain (in order to keep b2b and b2c experiences separate).

Is this possible? Any help is appreciated.

can you elaborate the issue in detail.

Not sure what details I’m missing out on. Essentially, i want to use the ecomm features of ERPNext and set up a store. But, i want the store hosted under a different domain name.
Normally, if your erp is located at, then your store would be located at I want it to be instead.

Just Point out the IP address which ERPNext running on to

Go to Website Setting > unde Navbar section, apply your domain URL

Yes, but then both and would show the same pages. I want to lead to Desk and to lead to the storefront. In essence, I would want ERPNext to look at the domain accessing it and display things accordingly.
The only alternative I see now is to have a whole other ERPNext instance for the store, but that sounds extremely tedious.

Edit: Ok I got it working like I want through some nginx magic. Still needs some testing though. Thanks!
Now I just need to figure out how to change the branding logo and favicon based on the domain.

Edit edit: Nginx can only do so much without built-in support

That only changes the Navbar links. That is not what I want to do.

Apparently this has been brought up before but development has been paused on it.

@snv Any plans on further development regarding this?

No, it has been abandoned. Happy to assist someone who wants to continue it.

Ahh… unfortunately, it looks like it’s too large a project for me to get into at the moment.
Maybe we can reopen the PRs as draft and see if anybody from the community wants to pick it up? Maybe there’s enough need for the feature now, after all these years.
For now, I’ll stick with Shopify, i think.