Desktop Icon for a Page/Link


I just created a HTML page in www folder in my custom app and i want to link it to my desktop icon. I already try to make a script in and yes it appeared on my desktop icon. My problem is for that HTML page it only appeared on certain user and not all the user. I already try to make changes on Show/Hide desktop icon for everyone, but still problem remains. Im also try to give role permission to specific user that didnt show, but still failed.

Any idea on this?

Hi Guys,

Any idea on this?


What do you mean by html page? Share your snippet in

Hi Rushab,

Its a html page(simple data information page) that i have created in www folder in my custom apps dir and i would like to enable user to have access by clicking on it in desk. My problem is i want to make it visible to all user and currently only at certain user appeared. I try to figure out on roles and permission but still failed. Here is the snippet.

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Anything information related is highly appreciated.


Any idea on this?

Desktop icons are shown based on permission. If its a module, it will be shown on basis of the permission of documents in it.

		"module_name": "someapp",
		"color": "#f4a142",
		"icon": "octicon octicon-package",
		"type": "page",
		"link": "dashboard",
		"label": _("Dashboard"),

This routes to /#dashboard and not /dashboard. Is there any way to just route without a ‘#’?


is there is any way to disply erpnext icon on my server desktop
pls help