Desktop icon not getting as erpnext have

hi every one,

i have install erpnext and when i login, i an getting different desktop page.

i am not getting like your demo.

please help me

ERPNext version 12 has the desk organized in the new card layout.

@akurungadam, how can i change to old layout?

Install version 11

in version 11, there is no dashboard feature .

Chicken and egg here… You have to choose one of them… Evolution or the old (and fancy) icons layout…

If you know how to, there is some css configs that can bring the icons back to you…

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Many thanks @akurungadam that sheds light on say this How to add cards

I must install and check out v12!

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Version 12 is different icon from v11… but you can customize version 12 desktop icon through css… like this one i have…

check this out!