Desktop Icons missing


While working when I logout and login back, the icons went missing. I did run bench update previously.
Now Im trying to add icons again and gives me error that the icon already exist.

Please suggest

You can use your name > Set desktop icons or this link and then select the icons in the list that should be shown.

@lasalesi Actually cant see icons there either

@lasalesi Please have a look at the screenshot…this is the replica server without update

Can you try and run bench migrate and check if it persists?

@lasalesi It persists

Go to the Administrator User record and scroll down to the section that says “Module Access” and open it.

Any module that does NOT have a check mark next to it will also not allow you to put an icon on the desktop.

If you have only done as you said and started up a fresh server and added the first user (and nothing else) then the above should fix your problem.

However, if you started playing with “Permissions” then you have opened a whole new set of issues to work out. The first time you start setting permissions, you will find that the default permission setting for many modules will make you crazy. If the default permissions for a module do not include the roles assigned to the user, the desk icons will not be available to the users without that role.

The first time I did this it made me crazy. I had to go through every doc type and UNCHECK the boxes that said “Use Permissions” and then make sure each doc type I wanted to use had the roles available.

Once you start with using permissions, you have to watch everything you configure very carefully to make sure you do not alienate groups of users.

Hope this helps…


Hello @Talha-Hashmi,

Can you tried below command:

bench build,
bench migrate,
bench clear-cache,
And Reload the main page of ERPNext


@Solufy thats crazy … I did that last evening and it didn’t work…now it seems to be working

Hello @Talha-Hashmi,

Some times the cache will also affect for this kind of issue.
if your issue is resolved then you can mark it as Solution.


@bkm thanks

@lasalesi @Solufy @bkm Data Import Desktop Icon from backup system fix the issue, now can view all icons.