Desktop (main menu)

On the desktop (Main Menu) under the POS icon we have the text “POS” in English.
I have translated the text.
But the translation does not show.
All other icons show translated text.
Can someone suggest how I should verify this?

Did you change in the CSV or submit a translation at Not Found?

I did a Pull Request submitting the translated files.

Also if I go from Main Menu to System I can not find any of the text there in the translation files except the heading.

If I go to Not Found “Íslenska” is not listed there?

All the changes I have done are in the csv files using OmegaT to tranlslate.

I have also checked the csv file for the POS entry and it is correctly translated there.

Any suggestion how I can align my work to be in tune with the project would be appreciated.

Can you share a screen snippet, showing exactly which translation you are missing?

If you can find the string in the .js or .html files, you have to wrap "text" as __("text")

If you look at the image above, the text below the icons is translated for all the icons except “POS”. But POS is translated correctly in the csv file but does not show up.

Also on the next image “Installed” is translated but does not show up. And all the text that goes with each application can not be found in the exported csv files. It is only the heading for the page that translates. “Search” is also translated but does not show up.

For Charts of Accounts the heading “Chart of Accounts” and “Accounts” see on image do not show translation even though the csv file includes them.

Thanks! Can you edit and send a pull-request?

  1. We will have to add a "label": __("POS") in this:

  1. This needs to be wrapped by __("...")

  1. This also needs to be wrapped in the __("...") method.

Thanks for the reply.
I added the label to and that is ok now, it tranlslates correctly.

And I also changed line 106 in accounts_browser.js to

label: ctype===“Account” ? __(“Accounts”) : __(“Cost Centers”),

With this Accounts is translated correctly but the charts do not show.

What would you suggest to do now?

Should work. Can’t see label used anywhere else. Can you debug?

Thank you,
I am not that deeply into Python or the frappe framework.
More of a newbie.

I have looked at the code but I don’t think I have the deeper understanding and skillset to debug this.

My initial goal was to install ERPNext, translate to Icelandic, setup charts of accounts and setup ERPNext for 2 companies. I maybe little over my head already, I think.

But any suggestion to achieve the initial goal would be appreciated.

I also reinstalled V5 and now Bootstrap buttons have been added to the setup Wizard for “Next” and “Previous”.
These buttons do not translate.
They translated before.
I have looked a the code and in the html file both next and previous is wrapped with __(“…”) but do not translate.

Actually there are many places in Erpnext where text does not translate. I am wondering what I can do to help with my limited skillset?

Thanks for reporting. Please add them to Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub - its much easier to track that way.

Templates for pages is a new concept - and maybe we missed the translations part. Will fix it.

Thank you,
Will report in the future as you suggest.