Desktop Notification?

Hi, I am on cloud with trial account but got stuck with desktop notification. The number of notification is getting increase for all users and not finding any way to decrease it even after each user have seen the notification.

Another query, is there any way to create custom notification, I want to create notification for Store if there is any successful Sale Order.

Sumit Arora

Notification counts are updated based on open/actionable transactions, and not based on views.

For example, if there is a Draft Sales Order, it will be shown under Notification, until it is submitted. Same goes for other transactions as well.

For the custom notifications, you can use Email Alert feature.


Thanks Umair, but how i can control these notifications as per users. e.g. manager should get notification if manager require any action on Sale order as set in Workflow, once he has done the necessary action, notification should be disappear.

@Sumit_Arora Did you find solution for this?

@Mohammed_Redha…No solution yet.

If the Workflow action in question updates the document to a non-actionable status, the document will no longer be counted in notifications.

@pratu16x7…the query is “how to define notification user and workflow wise” . As of now these notification are common for all user. let me explain you with example:
Let say Sale Order Document, there is two user Sales Executive and Sales Manager.
1.Workflow chart: Draft- Pending for Approval-Approved (Submit)
2. User Assign- Sales Executive (Draft)- Sales manager (Pending for Approval)
3. Now: if doc is on Draft mode then It should display notification for Sales Executive only.
4. Once Sales Executive Saved it for next workflow " Pending for Approval" then notification should disappear for Sales Executive and will display notification for Sales Manager.
5. Once Sales Manager Approved it then notification should also disappear for Sales Manager too.


Agreed. To add to @umair’s reply, notifications aren’t based on users or roles either. If you think this could be useful in general, you can open a feature request on GitHub.

@umair @pratu16x7 @Sumit_Arora I am need this feature too, Could you purpose design note to discuss it further.
I will try to develop it and share it back with community


Good Day Everyone,

@pratu16x7 @umair
I am Facing the same problem, and have been for 2 months.
I am in dire need of some assistance with this problem.
I have tried to change the roles in the Workflow and Doc Types.
I also tries the Role Permissions Manager and came up with nothing.

I beg of you to help quickly, My Employer is saying if the problem cannot be solved then our clients will go with another direction, and that means to kiss my job Good Bye.

HAHA! I am joking about the last part :smiley:
But I really need your help ASAP
Thank You.

@umair @pratu16x7 I have some design for this and I need your feedback.
let’s create new icons in Nav Bar Like this:


For open transactions :


For actionable and workflow transactions :


And this will be based on role


Really like your design ideas. I think this will be a great improvement.

hi @Mohammed_Redha do you have news about this…?

(great idea :grinning: )

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Any updates regarding such kind of desktop notifications?

we manged to implemented the scinario and creted User Notification Doctype

Notification based on workflow or pre-defined role in the same notification json

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And we planning to make a pull request for it in the near future @ahmad18189

This is grate @ahmad18189 you can check this for your reference :