Details in lead not showing when trying to edit

we want to edit details of our leads, see below screenshot of our lead which we cannot edit.

could you please check what we have to do to view details in this lead and how we can edit it?
Thank you…

Is there any custom script on Lead form? Please share browser console.

hi saurabh, we did not make any custom script on that… we only added some fields…

Any condition based fields or any depends on consdition ?

we added one field which is based on date… that it automatically updated when the lead was added… other fields are only for data…

i mean, data type only…

have you wrote any code to achieve this?

Please send us the screenshot of the javascript console.
Here’s the help to open javascript console: web development - How do I open the JavaScript console in different browsers? - Webmasters Stack Exchange

nope, i didn’t write any… please see screenshot

@andreinicole08, Can you reset your customization via Customize Form View and then do them one by one.

There is one setting that is causing this issue.

hi rushab, should i reset it to default settings?

should i reset it to defaults?

@andreinicole08 Yes reset it to default.

hi saurabh, and rushabh, no need to reset… i already saw the mistake on the customize form… thanks…